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What is VASER LipoSelection?

The VASER Lipo system is a third-generation internal Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) device, which is manufactured by Sound Surgical Technologies LLC., based out of Louisville, Colorado. The technology enables physicians to precisely soften fat cells of the body while preserving the integrity of tissues such as the skin, nerves, blood vessels and collagen. The VASER—Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance—Lipo system dissolves unwanted fat, while providing smoother skin, improved skin retraction and rapid patient recovery.

Is VASER LipoSelection safe?

According to a recent scientific study published in the 2008, August issue of the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery, VASER Lipo significantly limits the loss of blood during liposuction procedures when compared to traditional liposuction treatments alone.  The study authored by Onelio Garcia, Jr. MD and Nirmal Nathan was conducted using 57 subjects, 27 of whom underwent traditional liposuction, while the remaining 30 subjects underwent the VASER Lipo treatment. The conclusion of Onelio and Nathan was that the findings of the study showed that traditional liposuction results in 7.5 times more blood loss than compared to the VASER Lipo procedure.

On what portions of the body can VASER treatment be used?

The VASER technology is so precise that physicians can perform the treatment on some of the most delicate areas of the body such as the inner thighs, arms, chin and neck and the more traditional regions such as the abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, back, arms, breasts, and love handles.

What side effects may be associated with VASER treatments?

Side effects of the VASER treatment are typically mild including minimal pain, low to minimal bruising and swelling.

Who is a candidate for VASER treatments?

The ideal candidates for the VASER treatment are individuals who seek to eliminate fat from the body in a minimally invasive and effective manner. The practicing physician determines if VASER LipoSelection is the appropriate treatment for any given patient seeking to undergo cosmetic treatments that are similar to liposuction.

How much does a VASER LipoSelection treatment cost?

The VASER LipoSection treatment cost varies by geography, skill of the physician and the specific medical needs of the patient. Typically the procedure ranges from $2,000-3,000.

Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician.

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Updated: December 29, 2008

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