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Testosterone is known as the most important hormone of the male sex hormones, also called the androgen hormone. It is produced in the testes of the male and in very small amounts in the woman's ovaries. This hormone singularly creates the masculinity of the male body. Testosterone is also known to stimulate protein synthesis and account for the muscular development of the male.

Testosterone is responsible for development of male genitalia, the pubic, facial, and body hair, and deepening of the voice. Testosterone is said to most likely be a key component in protecting the brain against Alzheimer's disease. According to researchers, there is an abundance of American men who suffer from low testosterone levels and need to be treated for the deficiency. Symptoms of low testosterone include a decreased sexual drive, depression, increased irritability, fatigue and increased growth of breast tissue.

Testosterone deficiency has not been a recognized syndrome, although it impacts every cell in the human body, and has been powerfully linked to every major degenerative disease recognizable.

People are misinformed about Testosterone Therapy, having been stereotyped, it has lead many to believe that, it could make the individual aggressive and irritable. This has been proven as false, when in reality, it is those with a reduced amount of testosterone that display that sort of aggressiveness.

It is said that are a significant number of men and postmenopausal women who can benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The andropausal symptoms can be alleviated and even reversed by the right dosage of testosterone. The purpose of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is to aid in the restoration of testosterone to youthful levels in achieving optimal health. Due to the big role it plays in the sex drive, testosterone is well regarded as a supplement that can help in many areas of one’s life. The combination of Testosterone with Human Growth Hormone becomes more effective and has greater effects on the deficient patient.

Hormones are said to be the fuel of youth. In research studies there have been effects of rapid improvement in physical function and also a marked recovery in psychological attitude and mental alertness. Athletes have been known to start the therapy to prevent injury and strengthen muscles, but it aids in the healing process if an injury is incurred. It seems that the key to anti-aging is linked to restoring hormonal levels to what they were in our youth.

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