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What is Perlane?

Perlane is an injectable cosmetic dermal filler that is utilized in the treatment of facial fine lines and wrinkles and is commonly used as a dermal filler for lip augmentation.

What is the primary ingredient in Perlane?

Perlane is composed of non-animal based stabilized hyaluronic acid gel, which is naturally found in human skin tissue.

How do Perlane treatments work?

The hyaluronic acid that is contained in Perlane augments the body’s natural supply, which has a tendency to diminish with age.  Perlane injections effectively fill scars caused from acne or chickenpox and smooth fine lines and wrinkles of the facial area.
Perlane is reabsorbed into the body after time and provides temporary results. Perlane treatments last approximately 6-8 months post injection.

What are the advantages of Perlane treatment?

One of the advantages of the Perlane treatment is that it can be used simultaneously with other products such as Botox.  Perlane effectively treats:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds
  • Lip augmentation
  • Chin augmentation

    • When are maximum results achieved after a Perlane treatment?

      The maximum results of Perlane treatments typically become noticeable approximately 4-8 months post treatment. Because the Perlane treatment is temporary, touch-up treatments may be necessary every 4-6 months in order to maintain the maximum results.

      What may be expected during the Perlane treatment process?

      The typical Perlane treatment requires between 30-45 minutes and does not require pre-treatment allergy testing.

      What side effects are associated with Perlane treatment?

      Clinical studies have found that the side effects of Perlane are rare and typically found to be minor. Temporary redness, swelling, itching and tenderness at the injection site are some of the minor effects that may be seen.

      Who is qualified to administer Perlane treatments?

      The Perlane treatment should be administered by a board certified cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

      What is the general cost of a Perlane Treatment?

      The cost of Perlane treatments vary depending on location, skill of the physician and the number of treatments that the patient requires for maximum results. Typically, the cost is $500-900.

      Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician.

      By Anti-Aging Staff
      Updated: November 21, 2008

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