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What is Cosmelan?

The Cosmelan treatment package is a series of topically applied depigmentation agents, which have been specifically formulated to decrease melanin (color producing pigment) from the skin. Most commonly these agents are used to abate a common skin disorder called Melasma, which is typically responsible for the appearance of dark spots and splotchy skin on many regions of the body.

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a relatively common disorder of hyperpigmentation that typically affects sun-exposed areas of the skin, most often the face. It affects women more often than men and is particularly common in women with darker complexions and who live in areas of intense ultraviolet radiation exposure.

What is the cause of Melasma?

The etiology (cause) of melasma has not yet been determined. Several factors are likely to be involved including pregnancy, oral contraceptives, genetics, sun exposure, cosmetic use, thyroid dysfunction and certain medications. Melasma is the most cosmetically disturbing pigmentary side effect associated with pregnancy, occurring in up to 75 percent of pregnant women.

Women with idiopathic melasma (not related to pregnancy or oral contraceptive use) may have hormonal anomalies that are consistent with other disorders. Melasma in men shares similar clinical and histologic features as in women but it is not clear whether hormonal issues play a specific role in men’s melasma.

Where on the body does Melasma commonly occur?

Melasma typically exhibits with splotchy areas of hyperpigmented macules (brown spots) on the face and there are three patterns that are most commonly seen:

Centrofacial – involving the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose and chin
Malar – involving the cheeks and nose
Mandibular – involving the area of the jaw

What is the treatment for Melasma?

Melasma is most responsive to chemical depigmentation treatments such as the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment. This treatment must also include the use of a broad spectrum of sunscreens in order to maximize the effects of the treatment and the patient must also wear sun blocking hats and clothing as a part of the treatment process.

What areas of the body can the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment be used upon?

Common areas for the use of the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment would be the facial area including the forehead, nose, chin, jaw-line, chest, breast and nipple areas, the legs, hands and abdomen.

How does the Cosmelan Treatment work?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment mechanism is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Many of the substances present in the Cosmelan formula act by blocking this enzyme, or by inverting the metabolic process that occurs when the body produces melanin.

What are the advantages of using the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment offers many benefits and advantages compared with other types of depigmentation products found in the commercial market place. The treatment provides:

  • Efficient action in all forms of melasma;
  • Rapid depigmentation action;
  • Is compatible with all skin types;
  • Provides a light peeling effect providing rejuvenation and luminosity of the skin
  • Treatment can start at any time and be used all-year-round.
  • Is highly effective for the use of acne patients
  • Contains No Hydroquinone (leading to kidney damage)
  • Contains No TCA
  • The treatment has a high safety margin

What are the results of using the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment?

It is typical of most cases that the disappearance of the blemishes improves significantly within one week. By the end of the treatment process, the blemishes will have begun to disappear to the degree that only the patient may be able to determine where the original blemishing occurred.

Are the results of the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment permanent?

The results of the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment program are temporary results and long-term depigmentation may require long-term use of the treatment program.

What are the components of Cosmelan?

Degreasing Solution = Aqua, Acetone.
Cosmelan 1-Cream (10mg) = Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium Dioxide.
Cosmelan 2-Maintenance Cream (30g) = Titanium Dioxide, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid.
Mesoestetic Hydra Vital Factor K Cream (50ml) = Hydro Nutritional Cream for Face and Neck. = Hydroviton, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Amniotic Fluid, Glycerine, Silicone Oil.

Important information for the patient:  It is important for the physician to be informed if the consulting patient has undergone any previous treatments with Glycolic Acid as there must be NO use of Glycolic Acid one week prior to using the Cosmelan Degpigmentation treatment.

How is the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment performed?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment is initially applied at the physician’s office and must be continued in the home, and applied by the patient on a daily basis. The treatment must continue, without interruption for the duration of the time that the treatment is prescribed. It is not recommended to combine the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment with other depigmentation treatment products as it may interrupt the effectiveness of the Cosmelan product and the resulting outcome.

How many physicians office visits will the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment require?

Follow-up visits to the attending physician are recommended 15 days post the beginning of the treatment process and thirty days post the treatment process.  Additional visits may be necessary depending on the patient.

What are the side effects of the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment?

The side effects of the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment are non-harmful and temporary reactions that appear on the skin as the treatment begins to perform its depigmentation action. Some of the effects of treatment may include:

  • Redness on the area of application that resembles sunburn
  • Itching that subsides within 48 hours
  • Burning or stinging sensation that subsides within 48 hours
  • Flaking skin

What is the Cost for the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment package typically costs between $600-$800.

Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician.

By Anti-Aging Staff
Updated: November 14, 2008

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