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College Works Painting: A Community Oriented Company

It is rare to see a company take such a social responsibility in their communities these days. However, there are those rare instances when we come across truly socially responsible companies with the community’s best interest in mind. One such company is College Works Painting, a painting company that allows students to intern as contracted painters to earn the money they need to attend college.

Unfortunately, many students are left behind by the rising and ridiculous costs of college tuition prices. These prices have been like a plague on the future and education of many young, talented and deserving young people in our country and around the world. While scholarships and grants exist to help these students realize their dreams, way too many are still left behind swallowing the dust their fellow students leave behind. College Works Painting believes in giving students the opportunity to realize their dreams of attending college by allowing them the opportunity to internship as painters to earn the money they need to survive while attending classes.

Not only does the company provide this tremendous opportunity for students looking to earn their college tuition, but they have established other charitable means of helping their communities. With a program called ‘Charity Paints’, district managers from around America participate in a program that allows their employees to receive training, but also gives families in dire need of a paint job the opportunity to improve their home. Encouraging involvement in the community from the corporate level on down, College Works Painting is determined to make a difference in their community and leave their mark on the societies in which they themselves live.

In addition to ‘Charity Paints’, College Works Painting also supports and donates to a number of other charitable organizations. These include Make A Wish Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Share Our Selves, Corazon, as well as many blood drives, food drives, clothing drives and other efforts to help those in need. Choosing this caring company not only guarantees a splendid paint job, but also ensures that you are helping those in need find the money they need to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. It also means that you are supporting many responsible charities in their efforts to provide assistance to those who need it most.

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