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In the distant past, the term “medical anti aging” was a bit of a misnomer. The medical community treated aging as a natural part of human life, and didn't devote much time to figuring out how to slow it down- thereby reducing the symptoms and problems that are hand in hand with aging. Those who could, would have plastic surgery, but is not the answer to the problem. Today however, scientific research is revealing many of the “natural” processes that cause physical aging, and the understanding of the opportunities may slow it down.

Timing is everything. Baby boomers who make up a huge percentage of the affluent, educated, and viable demographic who are moving into their senior years want medical wellness resources. They are those who have grown up with good health, with readily available medical care and the belief that every disease can be cured. Their belief is that medical treatment can keep them feeling young and vigorous, while enjoying their twilight years.

Professionals with specialized medical training are involved in researching approaches to the newly minted field of anti aging. Common diseases of old age can be kept at bay with nutritional advice, as well as supplements to replenish hormones and proteins that may have depleted over time. The identification of genes that predispose us to certain diseases, may allows the identification and possible treatment protocol to those at risk.

It’s inspiring to understand that many new drugs and the natural chemistry in nature help to fight diseases that have readily been accepted as natural. Foods have important properties that have never been fully understood as potential age fighters. Surgical interventions are still available as well, and they are more effective than ever.

When premature aging is recognized for the opportunity it presents for one to reassess their life and decide what is causing it, or even better prevented, it is a reality that you can live longer with a higher quality of life without pain, restriction, from age-related disease. If you may help your cells to stay healthy, it is possible to have a better quality of life. In order for this to be achieved, cells require a continuous supply of nutrients as well as the continual removal of waste and toxins. 

Anti aging medicine does not promote the possibility of immortality, but maintains that one may not have to experience any of the degenerative conditions, illnesses or deteriorations we commonly accept. General medicine has made us focus only on relieving the symptoms of premature aging, but this is not something we have to accept.

Supplements that begin early in life may give one protection and maintenance for future health.  With the senior years many are at higher risk for degenerative conditions and nutritional deficiency, causing digestive problems such as malabsorption, integration problems and slower digestive function.  Additional nutrients are therefore even more essential to repair and rejuvenate your body’s cells and help you back to a more youthful and energized you!

With such a revolutionary field comes the need for research and self awareness. It is unfortunate that there are those that will attempt to lure unsuspecting patients in with promises of the fountain of youth, but when their treatment is complete, they may actually feel worse than ever. Before attempting any new or unconventional medical anti aging treatment, discuss your plans with a medical professional whom you trust, or contact one that is highly recommended.

Whatever the decision, keeping abreast of the latest breakthroughs can help in deciding how you will participate in your own future. With the plethora of products and services available- the reality of looking and feeling wonderful is at your doorstep. Research and development in the field are fast moving, so there will be many more options, and hopefully preventative measures we can take to maintain a beneficial quality of life.

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