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Is Aging a Disease Worth Treating?

Most of us are familiar with menopause, the period of an aging woman's life during which her hormones get all out of whack and she experiences a number of uncomfortable symptoms of aging. Some of us are also familiar with andropause, the similar-but-less-discussed hormonal change that occurs for aging men. But our familiarity with these topics doesn't necessarily mean that we all agree about the depth of their seriousness.

Take, for example, a recent article in The Star which argues that there's a big difference between a deficiency and a disease. The author of the article says that these aging problems are caused by a deficiency - in estrogen or testosterone - that occurs with aging. The argument is that this isn't the same thing as having a disease and therefore isn't a situation which typically requires medication.

And the author says: "You have to ask if the fact that as we guys age, and get grumpy, less efficient in bed, and want to nap more often is a disease worth medicating?" The author's response, of course, is no. However, many people would disagree. The basic foundation of the opposition to this author is essentially, "if you become deficient in something, don't you want to replace it?"

These are two sides of an issue that may never find a real middle ground. The thing to remember is that your health and wellness are ultimately up to you. If you don't mind some deficiencies as you age, you can face getting older without any medication. If you prefer to set aside the symptoms of your aging, you can seek out options to replace the hormones that are diminishing. The decision is a personal one.

Question of the Day: Are the hormone problems that we face as we age more of a disease or a deficiency?

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