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Sing Your Way Through Menopause

Did you know that professional female vocalists sometimes take birth control pills solely to assist them in improving their voices? According to, the voice can change as a result of hormones. Birth control pills help to reduce vocal fluctuations throughout the month so that female vocalists can better do their jobs. And as these vocalists get older, they may find that switching from birth control pills to hormone replacement therapy does the same trick.

Of course, there are better reasons than a good singing voice to consider using HRT when you're entering menopause. But if you're a singer of any sort and you find that the symptoms of menopause are affecting your singing voice, you might want to mention to your doctor that you'd like to try diminishing the effects with a proper dose of HRT. Most of us aren't singing stars but we do like our voices to stay basically the same. If vocal changes are a problem for you, you might want to consider balancing out the hormones that cause them.

Question of the Day: Have you noticed voice changes resulting from menopause?

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